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Brief: produce compelling case studies to illustrate the benefits of Energy Ease payment plans.

Energy Ease makes it easy for businesses across Australian and New Zealand to afford commercial solar and energy efficiency equipment via its accessible payment options.

“With no upfront investment and instant pre-approval on our payment plans, we help make the business case stack up time and again.”

Case studies are an immensely valuable digital marketing tool for any business. They give you an opportunity to illustrate some of the key challenges faced by your customer base and – importantly! – showcase the benefits of doing business with you.

Because the installation of energy efficiency equipment such as solar is expensive and therefore often cost-prohibitive, case studies clearly outlining the ease of access and immediate cost-savings potential of Energy Ease payment plans are also powerful sales tools for installing partners.

As with nearly all written content, case studies can be re-purposed and amplified in a variety of ways, such as:

  • snippets/quotes shared on social media tiles
  • inclusion in EDM
  • shared on social media and Linkedin
  • posted to website
  • narrated ‘interview-style’ on YouTube
  • to connect with prospects

Add some contemporary formatting, as Energy Ease has done in the sample below, and you have an impressive and versatile piece of digital and/or hardcopy content for your business.

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